Printing bar codes in an adequate way, programming RFID labels that are extreme high temperature resistant, application in specific environments, mobile solutions … each case demands techniques and support of appropriate printing.

Rsquare² is your ideal partner when it comes to expertise in specialized printing, no matter which solutions and needs your company has.

Hardware and printers.

Rsquare² implements printingsystems that respond perfectly to de demands of the customer : point of sales, mobile printers, specific formats,… . Our brand-independent character offers a tangible advantage in order to find the best possible solution for your company.


In addition, Rsquare² offers labels and tapes that are suitable for each specific use, sustainable and modified to the professional environment: specific paper and adhesive, tapes, thermic inscriptions,… .

Each use is meticulously analyzed and the combination “printer – accessory “ is verified in order to guarantee the success of the project.


Rsquare² provides preventive and repairing maintenance for printers, according to the preferences of the client with for the manufacturer’s standards.

The maintenance can happen with a warranty, a maintenance contract or under a unique request.

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