Rsquare² always offers precise solutions, fulfilling the specific demands of the client.

Our expertise is based on a perfect knowledge of our business area. We implement integrated solutions that fulfill the needs of our clients. Consequently, Rsquare² offers added value in the treatment of data and optimization of the goods flow. We pay a lot of attention to the ergonomics of our products in order to guarantee the productivity, profitability and motivation of the operational staff.

From the analysis of the physical and electronic flow to the implementation and training of the operators, Rsquare² intervenes in every phase of the integration. After the optimization, we support you throughout the lifecycle of the products with our expertise and maintenance contracts.

Since our foundation, we have persistently chosen not to bind us to one manufacturer of tangibles, in order to build up a sophisticated knowledge of multiple brands and technologies. Although we are of the opinion that Rsquare² has the most elaborate product knowledge on the market, we maintain privileged relations with our partners in order to ensure the quality of our solutions.

We strive for long term collaboration with our clients, always with respect for their own identity.

Our team consists of skilled experts. Their experience, practical knowledge and availability will offer you a real advantage.

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