Data collection

A transparent collection and treatment of your data reinforces the quality of your business processes. This will help you to make the correct decisions with regards to pricing towards the competition, the preparation of orders, the reduction of errors in the delivery process, … .

During the implementation of the mobile technology en the data collection, Rsquare² analyses the physical and electronic flow of your internal procedures. During this analytical phase, your physical processes are also optimized. This leads to an increase of your productivity due to the simplification and optimization of your business processes and a perfect integration in your informatics system.

The choice for the appropriate technology allows to noticeably improve the treatment of data in different processes: the preparation of orders, returns, danger-analysis and HACCP, cross-docking, inventories, tracking,… .

Rsquare² provides custom made solutions and implements systems that collect and process important data, always with respect for the customer’s needs. Because we are not committed to one brand, we keep seeking for creative solutions that evolve with your company. Rsquare² also supports your company with the installation and maintenance of the equipment.

According to the peculiar business processes of the client ( automatic or manual data collection, voice picking,… ) the data is collected and processed, in real-time or not, due to mobile or fixed terminals, barcode scanners, CCD scanners, … .

Rsquare² has an extensive knowledge in this technology which is translated in a noticeable optimization :

  • bar codes, 1D, 2D en QR,
  • manual data
  • biometric data
  • RFID
  • voice applications
  • punched card
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